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  • WET900
  • The WBT Series of wireless devices are readily available for any building automation, control or monitoring application. The devices are a reliable low-cost alternative to long runs of communication cable.
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Building Automation is a rapidly changing field. The speed at which technology gets introduced and implemented is thrilling.
Call it DDC, EMS, or BAS; our customers rely on us to keep them informed on what is new in the industry. Every building and its occupants has different needs. We help contractors, building owners and engineers use today’s best technology to achieve their goals. They are no longer satisfied with systems that only maintain comfort. Building systems must now be able to adapt as the use of space changes. There is increased demand for trending reports and multiple notification protocols intended to reduce a buildings operating cost. We have successfully helped implement solutions to save energy, increase comfort, monitor equipment, and allocate costs based on usage. The goal of intelligent buildings with integrated systems is now a reality.

What is integration? Horizontal integration includes both establishing communication between dissimilar manufacturers’ equipment and the conversion of previously independent building systems. Building operators can now have a single user interface into their HVAC, security, lighting, and tenant billing systems, allowing them to reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure reliable service for their tenants.

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We proudly offer Johnson Controls systems and Distech Controls as part of our building automation line:

Our status as a Johnson Controls Automated Building Controls Systems distributor allows us access to the largest selection of controls offered by any manufacturer. The newest control offering Facility Explorer has interchangeable communication protocol cards, among other features.

Panel fabrication • Control testing • Valve schedule & sizing • Control drawings • 24/7 emergency line • ROI calculations • Job take off • Valve assembly • Specification writing • Calibration & repair • Customer financing
Turnkey projects • Start-up assistance • Commissioning controls Programming • Energy Monitoring • Site surveys • System evaluation • Energy Audit • Dealer Network • Assist with Presentations • Utility Programs • Sub Metering – Gas, Water & Electric

The eWON family of cloud based vpn routers are exactly what we have been waiting for! We can now get remote access into installed controls and jobs without the headaches of dealing with IT departments, with or without a supervisory control “front-end”, With or without internet accessibility and with additional security! Learn more

Here is an interesting article about why opening ports (like we have been) is not always a great idea.

Distech Controls:

Distech’s central plant controller has a powerful & easy to navigate digital display. Learn more

Energy dashboards have never been better. Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation.